Contemporary Art Collective

01 - 29 May 2022

This exhibition will deal with contemporary issues which are of current relevance to the island of Gozo in the third decade of the twenty-first century.  It aims to look at Gozo from alternative artistic perspectives which engage with present-day phenomena responsible for the multifarious change which is being witnessed on the island. 


Many artistic representations of the island of Gozo have focused for a very long time on depictions of an idyllic island, a place where time stood still, and have largely represented the character of its church-dominated skylines and natural settings.  This is, however, a utopic position which often disregards other pressing concerns which are of paramount importance for both Gozo’s current existence and its future – issues which have been generally and conspicuously absent from artistic production which deals with Gozo. 

This event proposes itself as a platform for a contemporary artistic dialogue which engages with such issues like connectivity, insularity, immigration, employment, overdevelopment, construction, partisan rivalry, the preservation of the urban fabric, the function of politics, the role of the environment and sustainability, among others.  These are all significant factors which concern the island as it proceeds into the future, and which are being presented as subjects of artistic engagement.  

Artists are being invited to propose works which engage with these notions relating to Gozo’s contemporary life and existence.  Artistic proposals are expected to deal with the diverse issues which constitute the island’s present society and identity.  All kinds of propositions are being accepted, including painting, sculpture, photography, print-making, video, sound, light, virtual reality and installation.  The newly-refurbished precincts of Teatru Astra will act as the space for this contemporary and alternative discourse, which aims to celebrate Gozo’s contemporary identity. 

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