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Terms and Conditions

  • The following are the regulations and conditions for participation in the Contemporary Art Collective Alternative Perspectives which will be held at the precincts of the Astra Theatre between the 1st and 22nd May 2022, with the inauguration ceremony occurring on Saturday 30 April 2022. The regulations and conditions may be further changed and updated in the coming months at the discretion of the artistic director, Dr Mark Sagona. All artists must adhere to the deadlines and conditions.

  • Launch of call for proposals: 5 May 2021.  Proposals must include a brief description of the individual project which must be accompanied by supporting visual material, and should be sent to the Artistic Director on the following email address:

  • Close of call for proposals:  30 September 2021.

  • Deadline for final Registration: 30 November 2021.

  • Mounting of the exhibition is envisaged to start as from Monday 18 April 2022.

  • Any artists who are seeking individual sponsorship must contact the Artistic Director to discuss the level of exposure permitted. 

  • The choice of artists and works of art and the allocation of space is at the entire discretion of the Artistic Director, in consultation with the individual artists.

  • Expenses related to the transport/shipping of the works are to be borne by the participants.

  • ​It is here being declared that Dr Mark Sagona, as Artistic Director of the Exhibition, and the administration of Teatru Astra shall not in any way be accountable for any part of the exhibition process. The said process, in virtue of which responsibility is being excluded, shall include, but shall not be limited to, the transport to and from, the carriage, the packing and unpacking, the storage, the installation, the dismantling, the insurance, procedures concerning permits from authorities, as well as any other matter not constituting the actual exhibiting or performance of the artistic work or activity.

  • Artists are also obliged to dismantle their works and free the premises from their exibits in line with the direction given by the Artistic Director and Teatru Astra.

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