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Sina Farrugia Micallef (b.1951) is fascinated by clay, fire and the alchemical process of change.  The imagery of her ceramic work relies for its effectiveness, on the subtleties of tone, texture and nuances wrought from the manipulation and metamorphosis of this malleable material.

Working with clay often requires contemplation, tranquillity, and considered assessment continuous arrangement – qualities which appeal very much to the artist. In a world of impermanence and change the artist is mesmerised by the process of transforming this seemingly dormant, tactile matter into a more enduring, stable but dynamic manifestation. The challenge is to create work that has both the memory of the human hand and still exhibits spirit despite technical constraints and demanding procedural requirements.

Farrugia Micallef studied ceramics in Malta and the United Kingdom and has taught Art and Ceramics since 1971.   Her work has been exhibited in Malta, Cyprus, France and Rhodes, and among other venues, at Plymouth University in England, Berkeley University in California, USA, and The Weiterbildung Centrum in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

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