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Paul Scerri (b.1959) is an artist of a few words. His art focuses on the creation of intrigue and in the depiction of stereotypical characters, whilst delicately adding notions of injustice and narcissism. His career spans over forty years, having started his artistic journey way back in the 1970s. Paul studied art in Malta under Esprit Barthet (1919-1999), and subsequently at the Accademia di Belle Arti Pietro Vanucci of Perugia.  This was followed by studies at the Istituto Statale D’Arte G. Ballardini in Faenza.  This was the juncture where he became enraptured by the clay medium.  He nourished his knowledge in design and decoration of ceramic tiles by completing his studies in Imola.  Paul Scerri was awarded first prize in ceramics at the 1° Concorso Avis which was held in Faenza. This encapsulated his Italian experience.

Scerri returned to Malta to teach at the Art and Design Centre in Valletta. Paul was then involved in industrial ceramics, specializing in design and technology. During this time, he regularly attended various workshops both in Spain and Italy.  He is also a visiting lecturer in ceramics at the Faculty of Education within the University of Malta.

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