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Gabriel Buttigieg (b. 1993) is a visual artist based in Malta, who focuses primarily on drawing and painting. Buttigieg considers the world to be his native country and hence his artwork reflects various universal themes. He explores primordial, tribal, Mediterranean and, more recently, Grecian myths and legends, conceptualising them in a contemporary context. Gabriel Buttigieg for a Bachelors in Psychology at the University of Malta, and is currently reading for a Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Malta.

He has held various exhibitions over the years, both locally and abroad. The raw and provocative images of the body, apparent in exhibitions such as Paintings, Nudes, and The Droplet series, have transitioned to the existential portrayals evident in Saudade, and The Beach, which was also exhibited in Poland. On the international front, Buttigieg has recently launched a series of works, entitled ‘CloverMill’ series, which were exhibited in the Netherlands. Notable participation in collective exhibitions include Darkness at Noon and {v} in Malta, Dialogs2020 Contemporary Connection in Italy, Genesis in the United Kingdom, and Spring Virtual Exhibition in Cyprus.

Apart from working on diverse series of drawing and paintings, in 2020 and 2021, Buttigieg has also tackled standalone works, such as ‘Agnus Dei’, ‘Primavera’, and ‘Hubris’. His most recent solo exhibition ‘Four Seasons: A Contemporary Deconstruction‘ has been held in April 2022 in Valletta. He has recently been featured in various international publications, namely Wall Street International, American Edition; Wall Street International, French Edition; ArtDependence Magazine (Belgium); and ArtsTalk Magazine (Netherlands).

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