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Noel Attard (b.1966) studied art under various Maltese artists and subsequently graduated B.A.(Hons.) in History of Art in 2006 and M.A. in Fine Arts in 2016 from the University of Malta.  His works in various media have progressed from his early monochromes to works combining metal sculpture with painting. It-Taraġ, one of Attard’s best works, is an iron sculpture which he produced for his Masters Degree project. Originally exhibited at Valletta City Gate (2016), it has now been relocated to Kalkara.  The artist is currently working on a dual sculpture for Prof. Richard England’s new project at the Millennium Chapel, Paceville.

Noel Attard.jpeg

Noel Attard’s most recent exhibition, Agoraphobia (2021), showcased his sculptures for the first time, exploiting line, drapery and constructivist notions.  Attard finds inspiration in his surroundings and also in music, art theory, philosophy, theology, politics and science.  He has participated in several collective exhibitions and organised a number of personal shows, with his latest Endless Thinking at MUŻA, Valletta (Heritage Malta) in April 2022. 

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