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Mario Cassar (b.1975) is a visual artist and visual arts educator who lives and works in Malta. Appearing in the art scene of Malta at the end of the 1990s, Cassar’s work investigates the effect of superimposing various layers of meanings through the use of texts, signs and symbols and how this affects the viewer. Cassar works in drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, film and photography.

He studied at the Gozo School of Art (1991-93) and the University of Malta, where he read art history and art education at Master's level. Cassar has lectured visual arts, history of art and design at the Gozo Sixth Form and in various departments at the University of Malta.

Cassar won several prizes and competitions including The Malta International Art Biennale, Public Art in Gozo and in other locally funded projects such as Kreattiv (2017) and Premju tal-President għall-Kreattivita' (2018).  His works are published in various publications and are found in public and private collections in Malta, Britain, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany and the U.S.

Cassar has exhibited in Malta, Europe, Northern America and the Middle East. He has curated the first edition of VISTA - The Victoria Contemporary  Art Tour (2010) and organized several seminars including DesignGozo in collaboration with the Ministry for Gozo and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura. Cassar has represented Malta in the Erasmus programme for locally elected representatives (Brussels, The Hague, 2013) where he presented his contribution on art and its role in the regeneration of cities while in 2019 he conducted artistic research in the Palestinian States as part of a cultural diplomacy programme issued by the Maltese government.

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