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Born in Malta, Leanne Lewis (b.1992) is a visual artist and art educator.  Her research and practice mainly revolve around her passion towards the subject of nature and the environment within the local context. She works and experiments with a variety of media and techniques, including drawing, painting, collage, photography, sculpture and installation art.

Leanne Lewis Recent picture.jpeg

Currently, Leanne is working on a series of mixed media drawings, titled ‘Maltese Seascapes’, which she commenced in summer 2020. This series is inspired by the Maltese culture and the serenity of the Mediterranean Sea surrounding the Maltese islands. In 2020 Leanne exhibited two drawings from this series at Boomer Gallery in London.

Leanne teaches visual arts at the Malta School of Art and is reading for a Masters of Education in Art at the Institute for Education in Malta. She completed her first degree in Fine Arts in 2013, at the Institute of Art and Design, at MCAST, and graduated M.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Malta in 2016.

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